Vendredi 8/05/20 – OpenFloor avec Simon Yearwood

On danse l’OPEN FLOOR avec Simon Yearwood en Zoom Live depuis le Portugal.

There is much to say about the challenges of not been able to connect with our friends and families in these times. Many of us can’t be near them due to the lock downs that we are in. So to create a special connection to friends or distant loved ones or whoever you feel you want to send blessings to we will perform some dance magic.
This is a special class that combines meditation, ceremony, and creativity all at the same time.

The format for this class is as follows:

Technical house keeping for the class and explanation of the format
Check in with your name and where you are from.
Guided dance
Closing circle


  • Horaires : Vendredi 08 Mai de 18h30 à 20h
  • Tarif : Participation de 5€ à 15€ selon votre budget

    Due to the fact the there are Zoom crashers who disrupt meetings advertised on public sites I am taking the following precautions to ensure that we have a peaceful and uninterrupted class.

    send a payment and registration request to my email and I will then send you My PayPal details. Once the payment is received you will be sent a Zoom registration link for the class


  • Have a piece of paper and a pen to write a note.
  • Dressed in something green or yellow
  • Create an alter or space with any of the following. You need to have two candles.
  • Create a special space for you and your dance. You can put these things on a tray or some where that you can easily access them during the dance.
  • Some flowers
  • Some incense or Essential Oil : patchouli oil
  • Two rings. Silver metal if possible or two ear rings. The number 2 is important.
  • Moonstone
  • Two Candles both white if possible. Candles that you can hold if possible.
  • Bell to clear and purify the air.

Au plaisir de danser prochainement ensemble.
L’équipe de LibraDAnse

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